We’re live!

We’re delighted that our new website has now gone live, reflecting the rich history of the business, the range of properties we’ve completed and what exciting projects we have coming up.

As the famous saying goes, a picture can speak a thousand words – so we’re proud that our image-led site can now showcase what incredible homes we’ve created over the last few years. Our images speak to our attention to detail, unique designs and high-quality finishes, which are attributes we take incredibly seriously when building homes across the East Midlands.

Our business has developed considerably since its inception in 1908. There have been market crashes, recessions and every possible political change imaginable – but we’ve survived it all and remained a family-run business based in Nottingham.

Technological advances in the industry have revolutionised the way we work as developers and all businesses have adapted to ensure they are offering the most up-to-date and relevant service possible. This has been the biggest change we’ve seen as housebuilders and we’ve embraced these changes, improving and adapting to enable us to create more of the high quality homes for which we’re known.

That being said, we still face similar challenges that were experienced 20 years ago – planning, available land and funding can often present stumbling blocks and it’s something developers have always had to contend with. As the government is now realising the need for more homes, we hope that these will soon be issues of the past.

As a business, we’ve managed to negotiate everything the industry has thrown at us and believe strongly in the resilience of the Nottinghamshire housing market and look forward to continuing to build homes of distinction across the county for many years to come.

For more information on what we do contact us: here.